Auto Locksmith

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Auto Locksmith – YH Lock & Security, Auto Locksmith has been providing quality locksmith services to the Las Vegas valley for over 20 years. Our professional team is trained and equipped with the latest technology available in the industry. The tools we use are safe and effective to get you back on the road fast! Our technicians are highly trained in providing quality work for automotive lock outs along with ignition services, key replacements and repair.

YH Lock & Security, Auto Locksmith,

If you’re locked out of your car, the last thing you want is to wait for someone to arrive. You need immediate help, and that’s exactly what YH Lock & Security offers.

With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of experienced technicians, our auto locksmiths will take care of all your lockout needs—and at competitive rates! We also provide roadside assistance for drivers in the New York area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our mobile technicians are ready to assist you at any time with their tools and skillsets no matter where they are needed in Las Vegas, NV

We are your premier auto locksmith service, available 24/7 to help. Whether you’ve lost your car keys or need to replace them, we can get the job done. We can also create new car keys and repair key fobs, along with programming transponder keys. The call is completely free and comes with no obligation!

From the moment you contact us for a quote, we will do everything we can to ensure that your car key replacement service is handled quickly and professionally. Our dispatchers are standing by and ready to send the nearest locksmith to your location. We can replace lost car keys, create new car keys, repair car key fobs and program transponder keys. We are your premier auto locksmith service!

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Our professional team is trained and equipped with the latest technology available in the industry. The tools we use are safe and effective to get you back on the road fast! Our technicians are highly trained in providing quality work for automotive lock outs along with ignition services, key replacements and repair.

Our professional team is trained and equipped with the latest technology available in the industry. The tools we use are safe and effective to get you back on the road fast! Our technicians are highly trained in providing quality work for automotive lock outs along with ignition services, key replacements and repair.

At Auto Locksmith, we have been serving customers in Denver metro area since 1993. Our technicians are truly skilled with years of experience in their field, which allows them to diagnose your vehicle’s problem quickly so it can be fixed accurately and timely at an affordable price!

Need a key replacement? We can provide 24/7 emergency auto locksmith services wherever you’re located. Download our app or call us now!

  • Need a key replacement?
  • We can provide 24/7 emergency auto locksmith services wherever you’re located.
  • Download our app or call us now!

Auto locksmith services are important to have on hand for any vehicle owner. Whether you’re locked out of your car or need a new key fob, we specialize in helping people get back into their cars fast and without having to spend a fortune. Our team of experienced technicians is trained in all types of motor vehicles and can be dispatched immediately after you call us at our 24/7 dispatch center. If you need help with your auto locksmith needs we will send one of our technicians out right away!

Auto Locksmith

An auto locksmith is a professional who installs, repairs and unlocks vehicle locks.

Auto locksmiths must be able to install or repair locking systems on both cars and trucks. They also need to know how to open locked vehicles without damaging them. This can include using special tools that can unlock a car’s door without damage, or drilling out the device that holds the lock in place so it can be removed easily by hand. Auto locksmiths are also responsible for providing customers with instructions on how to use their new security systems in order to ensure maximum safety for their vehicle’s occupants.


Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service at an affordable price. We are committed to providing our customers with only the best workmanship and products. If you have any questions about our company or services, please contact us at (702) 840-1465

Auto Locksmith
Auto Locksmith

Locksmith Store

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Locksmith Store – YH Lock & Security is a full-service locksmith company serving Las Vegas, NV. We offer a wide range of services for both residential and commercial properties. Our goal is to provide you with the best locksmith service available in our community.

YH Lock & Security are a local locksmith company serving Las Vegas, NV, and surrounding areas.

YH Lock & Security is a local locksmith company serving Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas. We are proud to offer our expert services to the entire state of Nevada. YH Lock & Security has been in business since 2009 and continues to grow as we expand our reach across the state.

Our team of highly trained technicians will be there for you when you need us most! Call us today at (702) 918-0307 for an appointment or quote on any work you may need done by one of our professional locksmiths!

Our locksmith services range from automotive to residential to commercial.

Our locksmith services range from automotive to residential to commercial. All of our locksmiths are licensed and bonded and have undergone extensive training on all lock types, brands, and security devices including:

  • Emergency Locksmith Services – We can handle any situation that you may be in. Our experienced technicians will help you get back into your home or vehicle safely and quickly.
  • Residential Locksmith Services – From simple lock installation to advanced smart lock systems, we can help make sure that your home is safe at all times.
  • Commercial Locksmith Services – We offer a wide range of services for businesses from small offices to large warehouses with multiple entrances which require keyless entry systems installed as well as master keyed access control system integration with existing building management systems such as card access control systems or biometric readers where applicable along with exit devices such as push bars if needed by code officials so they don’t have any reason not approve your plans before construction begins on site! This way no one else knows how things work inside except employees who should be trained properly so they know what needs fixing when something goes wrong!

YH Lock & Security is a FULL-SERVICE LOCK SHOP with the ability to provide you with a variety of commercial and residential hardware and locking systems.

YH Lock & Security is a FULL-SERVICE LOCK SHOP with the ability to provide you with a variety of commercial and residential hardware and locking systems. YH Locksmith Store provides our clients with the highest quality products and services, at reasonable prices. We will treat you as if you were our family!

We also offer:

  • High security locks systems
  • Access control systems
  • CCTV security camera systems (wired, wireless and IP)

Our goal is to keep your property safe.

Our goal is to keep your property safe. We are a full service lock shop, dedicated to providing our customers with quality products and excellent service. We have the ability to provide a variety of commercial and residential hardware and locking systems, as well as troubleshooting services in order to ensure that all of your locks are working properly.

We are a local company that serves Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas.

Looking for the best locksmith store near me?

You’ve come to the right place! Locksmith Store is the premier online source for all things related to locksmiths and security. No matter what type of lock you need – whether it be keyless entry, residential or commercial – we can help you find a reputable locksmith near you.


Locksmith store has a team of professional locksmiths that can help you with all of your lock-related needs. We provide a wide range of services, such as:

  • Lock installation and repair
  • Lock replacement
  • Lock rekey (or key duplication)
  • Lock picking and lock change services

If you are having trouble with one or more of your locks, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our skilled technicians will be able to diagnose the problem and recommend solutions in no time at all.

Call Us Right Now! (702) 840-1465

  • Call us right now! (702) 840-1465
  • Our locksmith services are available 24/7, so you will never have to wait long for a professional’s response.

We provide a wide range of services to the Las Vegas area and the surroundings.

We provide a wide range of services to the Las Vegas area and the surroundings. We are a 24/7 service and available to help you 24/7.


At YH Lock & Security, our goal is to help keep your property safe. We offer a variety of commercial and residential hardware and locking systems for all your needs. Our aim is to provide you with the best service possible so that you will always be able to count on us when something goes wrong!

Locksmith Near Me Las Vegas

Amazing Article About Locksmith Near Me Las Vegas

Locksmith Near Me Las Vegas – Are you in need of a locksmith near me in Las Vegas? Whether it’s a commercial, residential or automotive service, YH Lock & Security is the right place to call. We provide 24/7 locksmith services that are suitable for all types of clients. Our technicians are highly trained and capable of serving you with their best workmanship.

Las Vegas Locksmith Services

Las Vegas Locksmith Services

Las Vegas is the most populous city in Nevada and also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The city is known for its casinos, entertainment resorts and shopping malls. In addition to all these, Las Vegas has also become a center for automotive services including repair shops, car dealerships and general manufacturing companies.

The city is home to various neighborhoods and communities that offer great living opportunities to its residents. Whether you are looking for a safe place to live with your family or want to get away from it all on vacation with your friends – there is something for everyone here!

Rekey Locks

Rekeying is the process of changing the pins in a cylinder lock. This can be done to change which keys will open locks or to increase security by creating new key combinations. In many cases, rekeying is not considered to be an act of installing a new lock but instead simply changing the cylinders on existing locks. There are two different methods for rekeying: mechanical and electric.

The mechanical method uses a master key system where each key contains an end that fits into only one slot of the cylinder. The other end will fit into all slots except for one which remains empty as part of this special master key system. Electric rekeying requires more specialized equipment than traditional keys so it may not always be available at your local hardware store or locksmith shop near you!

Broken Key Extraction

A broken key extraction is a process in which the locking mechanism on your vehicle is removed so that you can use your lost key. The amount of work needed to perform a broken key extraction depends on the type of lock and how damaged it is.

Here’s what you need to do before calling a locksmith:

  • Make sure you have all the keys that are currently in use by your car or other vehicle. If not, then figure out where those missing keys could be located and ask whomever might own them (such as family members) if they’re willing to return them ASAP so that we can complete this task quickly for you!
  • Prepare yourself with patience and an open mind as this may take some time depending on how many people are helping with our project today (and because sometimes things go wrong). We always try our best but sometimes things happen beyond our control so please understand that there may be some unexpected delays during these situations such as bad weather conditions causing problems with communication lines across town or even worse scenarios like flooding happening nearby which leads us being unable to do anything except wait until things clear up again! In these cases though just remember: “All good things come together at once!” It won’t always happen right away but eventually something good will come along–I promise!

Emergency Lock Out Service

You’ve just locked yourself out of your house, car or office and have no idea how to get back in. The last thing you want is to wait until the next day for a locksmith from Locksmith Near Me Las Vegas to show up in order to get back into your house.

The good news is that we offer emergency lockout services at any time of day or night, including holidays! If you find yourself locked out of your home or car at 2 AM on Christmas Eve (and it happens more often than you’d think), don’t panic! We’re here for you 24/7/365 days per year so give us a call at (702) 477-5435

Commercial Locksmith Services

We are a commercial locksmith company that provides high-quality services for businesses of any size. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the industry, so we know how to handle any type of business, small or large. Whether you need help with security measures, building security, store security or office security, we can meet your needs!

We understand that not every company has the funds to pay for new locks and other security features. That’s why our prices are affordable and fair. We have flexible payment plans to help make it easier on your budget!

Residential Locksmith Services

  • Lockout Service – Our locksmiths can open your door in no time.
  • Key Duplication – Do you need more than one key? We have the ability to create duplicate keys for you. It is easy and affordable!
  • Lock Rekeying – Have we lost your trust by giving out your old keys? Don’t worry! We can rekey all of your locks so that they operate with new keys only you have access to them. This will ensure that no unauthorized individual can use these keys to get into your house or business premises and cause damage or steal something from it.
  • Lock Installation – We offer professional installation services for residential entry doors, deadbolts, garage door locks, mailbox locks etc., so feel free to contact us anytime when in need of any such services!

Automotive Locksmith Services

Locksmith services for vehicles include:

  • Vehicle key replacement
  • Vehicle key programming
  • Vehicle key extraction
  • Vehicle door unlocking, including where the vehicle doors are locked and/or stuck, or when you have lost your keys. We can also unlock car trunks, truck beds and storage areas. In addition to unlocking, we can repair and replace any damaged locks on your car door, trunk lid or glove box. Our technicians carry a large selection of replacement car keys so they will be able to make you a new one while they are at your location. They can also rekey your existing set(s) at an affordable price!

YH Lock & Security, Locksmith Near Me Las Vegas,

YH Lock & Security is a 24 hour emergency locksmith company. We are family owned and operated business. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We provide commercial, residential and automotive locksmith services to Las Vegas, NV area since 2008.

Our high standards of quality and customer service have helped us gain the trust of many clients in Las Vegas area over the years. YH Lock & Security has been recognized by Consumer Affairs as one of top rated local companies for their reliable service around town!

Call us today at 702-802-4193 for any kinder lock needs you may have!

(702) 840-1465

YH Lock & Security has been around since 2003 and is one of the most reliable locksmiths in Las Vegas. They offer a wide range of services from rekeying to lock installation, as well as emergency lockout services. They can also install and repair safes.

The company offers 24/7 service for all their customers, so call them any time you need help with a lock or key issue! You can reach them at (702) 840-1465 or visit their website at


We are a locksmith company that provides emergency services 24/7. We have been in the business of providing top-notch locksmith services for many years now and we have a team of trained professionals who are ready to take care of your needs at any time. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days in the year!

Locksmith Las Vegas NV

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Locksmith Las Vegas NV – Looking for a locksmith in Las Vegas, NV? YH Lock & Security is here to help. We are your trusted locksmiths in Las Vegas. We offer expert services at affordable rates, with 24/7 customer support. Call us now!

Locksmith Las Vegas NV

Locksmith Las Vegas NV – At YH Lock & Security, we pride ourselves on providing the best service to our customers. We’re a family owned and operated business that has been operating in Las Vegas for over 20 years. We’ve built a reputation for being dependable, affordable and honest.

In addition to residential services such as lock changes and rekeying locks, we also provide commercial services such as master key systems installation and access control systems installation.

Emergency locksmith services

Emergency locksmith services are available 24/7 to customers who want fast, reliable service. We are experienced in providing emergency locksmith services for commercial and residential customers, as well as auto, commercial and residential customers.

Expert 24/7 Locksmith Services in Las Vegas

If you need a locksmith, Las Vegas Locksmith should be your first choice. We provide an extensive range of professional locksmith services, including automotive, residential and commercial lockouts. Our staff is experienced in all types of locks and keys, so you can trust us to solve any problem with your security system.

We are licensed by the state of Nevada and have more than 15 years of experience in this industry. We’ll come to you quickly and fix any issue efficiently whether it’s opening a car door or installing a new safe in your home or business.

Our prices are competitive, so don’t worry about being overcharged for our services. We offer 24/7 emergency service for our customers who want fast help when they need it most!

Over 20 years’ experience

With over twenty years of experience, our locksmiths are able to handle a wide range of lock problems—whether you’re locked out or need new keys made. We can help with anything from the most basic lock repair to installing the latest high-tech security systems in your home or office.

Our team is well-versed in all types of mechanical and electronic locks and cylinders, including deadbolts, doorknobs and levers. They are also familiar with various brands of safes and understand how they operate so we can open them quickly when you lose the combination code.

Fast, Reliable and friendly service

When you need a locksmith in Las Vegas, NV, it is important that you find one that is fast, reliable and friendly. At Locksmith Las Vegas NV, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with all of these things. We are aware of the fact that when an emergency arises many people are stressed out and worried about their situation. Our technicians take their time to make sure they make you feel comfortable while they work on your lock or key problem so that there are no surprises or hidden costs after they leave your home or business.

If you want to learn more about the services offered by our company or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please visit our website at today!

Authorized by the Department of Mental Health and Education

The Department of Mental Health and Education authorizes locksmiths to work on the property of state-funded facilities. This means that if you need to have your locks changed at a public school, for example, you will be able to hire an authorized local locksmith who can complete this task without having to get special permission from the school.

This authorization also makes it easier for customers who are looking for someone they can trust when they need their locks changed or repaired. The department has set certain standards that must be met by all businesses who wish to become authorized by them, so when you hire an approved business care about their reputation and want to provide top-notch service every time.

When choosing a company that’s been given this designation by the DMHE, know that there are some perks! Locksmiths who have gone through the process of becoming authorized by DMHE will not only receive training in how best handle situations involving people with mental health issues but they also receive free liability insurance coverage while performing work on state property (this is worth noting because most other general contractors do not enjoy such protections).

If you’re in the Las Vegas area, YH Lock & Security is your best bet for a locksmith

You never know when you might need a locksmith, and there are few things more frustrating than being locked out of your car or home. If this happens to you in Las Vegas, NV, call YH Lock & Security immediately at (702) 840-1465. Our team provides fast, friendly service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Here’s why we’re the best choice for all your locksmith needs:

  • We’re fully insured with over 20 years of experience providing quality workmanship to our customers
  • We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and our technicians are authorized by the Department of Mental Health and Education as well as state licensed locksmiths who adhere to strict standards of conduct in order to keep up our reputation for excellence
  • We provide services for both residential homes as well as commercial businesses in Las Vegas, NV and Henderson, NV


If you are looking for a locksmith in Las Vegas, NV, YH Lock & Security is the place to go! We provide 24/7 emergency locksmith services to make sure that your lock and key problems are solved as soon as possible. Our locksmiths are licensed, bonded, and insured so that you can always count on them being there when you need them most. We also offer discounts for senior citizens and military veterans so that everyone has access.

Locksmith Store Las Vegas

Amazing Article About Locksmith Store Las Vegas

Locksmith Store Las Vegas – YH Lock & Security provides locksmith services for residential, commercial and automotive customers. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at
(702) 840-1465. Our certified locksmiths provide experienced lock repair and replacement services to our customers.

Auto Locksmith

The YH Lock & Security is a wonderful place to visit, with many interesting things to see and do. People from all over the world come here for their vacation, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Las Vegas.

Lockout service

A lockout is when a person gets locked out of their car or home. This can happen for many reasons, such as:

  • Accidentally locking your keys in the car or house.
  • Forgetting your keys somewhere inside the car or house.
  • Losing the key to a door or lock (for example, dropping it down the drain).
  • Having a deadbolt installed on your door and forgetting how to open it with a key.

Here are some tips on how you can prevent this from happening in Las Vegas:

  • Always carry around an extra set of keys! These should be kept safe in case something like this happens where you need them immediately! You may want to consider having multiple sets so that if one set were lost they would still have access by using another set which they keep secure at all times (such as inside their home). This way if anything goes wrong during their day then they don’t need worry about anything happening because these will always remain safe somewhere safe which only themselves know about until needed again later down the road.”

Rekey Service

Rekey Service

A rekeying service is a service that allows you to change the key on your locks so that a new key can be made and used for the lock. This is often done for safety purposes, or if you have lost your old keys, or even just want to add a second set of keys for other people in your household. If there are several people who need access to a certain door, then rekeying may be the best option for you since it can save time and money by having one less lock installed on each door.

Ignition Repair

Ignition repair is a must if your ignition is not working properly. Ignition repair is a simple process, but it is important to do it right. Ignition repair can be done in less than an hour.

  • You need to remove the trim panel and then use a screwdriver or any other tool to pry open the dashboards where the ignition switch is located.
  • Remove the screws from around the ignition switch, which holds together its housing and electrical components (you might want some help with this).
  • Locate your vehicle’s wiring diagram for reference as you work on removing more wires connecting to different parts of your car’s engine bay—this will make it easier for you to reconnect everything correctly later on!

Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are used in homes, businesses and schools. They can be programmed to a specific vehicle or building. Transponder keys can be used as hotel room key cards, although this is less common than it was in the past.

Typically, a transponder key is composed of an ignition switch with a security microchip embedded into its base. When you insert your transponder key into the ignition of your vehicle or turn it on when you lock your door from the inside (or place it in the slot provided by the electronic lock), a signal is sent to the electronic system which recognizes it as yours and unlocks them for you automatically. This prevents theft by keeping unauthorized users from accessing what’s inside without permission!

Car Key Programming

Car key programming is a process in which the vehicle’s computer system is instructed to accept the new key for the vehicle. The car’s computer system must recognize each individual key and associate it with that specific vehicle. This process is necessary because each transponder chip in your keys will have its own unique code, as well as a specific frequency that it emits when you press the button on your remote.

This information allows the car’s computer system to recognize who has pressed what button on their remote, thereby activating certain functions inside of your vehicle (like unlocking doors or starting up). So if you’ve lost one of those keys, don’t worry—we can help!

Residential Locksmith Las Vegas NV

Residential Locksmith Las Vegas NV is committed to offering the best lock and key services for homes, businesses and vehicles at affordable prices. We have a team of experts who offer free estimates, advice and consultation on all your locksmith needs. Our mobile locksmiths are dedicated to offering high quality workmanship in all of their work whether it is rekeying door locks or replacing an old doorknob with a new deadbolt.

We provide 24 hour emergency service to our clients so that they can always get help whenever they need it the most. Our technicians are fully equipped to handle any situation including lockouts, changing keys, duplicating keys and installing master key systems in residential premises such as houses or apartments where there may be multiple tenants sharing common areas like laundry rooms etcetera which require more than one person access control system installed by our skilled professionals using state-of-the art technology tools like biometrics scanners so that everyone who lives there has their own unique set of credentials without worrying about losing them anymore!

Lockout Service for your Home

Our locksmiths can unlock your car, mailbox, safe and garage. If you’re locked out of your house or business and need an emergency lockout service call us at (702) 840-1465.

We offer automotive locksmith services 24/7 around the clock 365 days a year including holidays! You can trust our professional auto locksmith technicians to have your vehicle back on the road in no time at all!

Our expert technicians are here to help you with any type of lock repair service that you may need! We also offer installation services for both residential as well as commercial projects too so don’t hesitate calling us today if you want more information about how we can assist with any project before making an appointment for one of our experts right away!

Locked out of House? Give us a call!

If you are locked out of your car, home, or office and need a locksmith in Las Vegas call us immediately. We are a 24/7 emergency locksmith service and can unlock any vehicle. If you are locked out of your house or office, we can help! If you have been locked out of any type of building in the area, give us a call today.

Duplicate House Key Services

Our company is the best choice when it comes to producing duplicate keys for your home, office, car or mailbox. We can also produce duplicate keys for safes.

Most people don’t know that there are two types of duplicates: one-time and copy. One-time duplicates will not work on other locks and are made with extra security measures in mind to prevent re-keyed copies from being created by using a high tech laser machine which burns off any previous markings present on the key blank while copying it into another blank set of keys. Our team has all this equipment and more here at YH Lock & Securityso you can rest assured that we have everything necessary to get the job done right!

Lock Replacement and Installation Services

Lock replacement and installation services are available 24/7. Our company is a full service locksmith, so we offer a wide range of services.

Whether you’re locked out of your car or need to replace an old lock on the door of your home, our locksmiths can help. We understand that most people don’t carry around extra keys on them at all times (and if you do, bravo for being so prepared!), which is why we offer emergency lockout assistance 365 days a year. Our technicians will be there to help within 45 minutes after receiving your call!

Locksmith Store Las Vegas

Commercial Locksmith Services Las Vegas NV

When it comes to your business, you want the best security available. That’s why we offer 24/7 commercial locksmith services that can give you both peace of mind and complete protection. Our technicians are trained in installing new locks and repairing old ones, so they can help with any situation that might arise. You don’t need to worry about whether or not we have the right skillset for your needs—we have them all!

Locksmith Services for Businesses

We’re proud to be able to provide a wide range of lock repair services for businesses big and small, but our technicians also have plenty more tricks up their sleeves when it comes time to make sure your building is safe from intruders:

  • Install new high-security deadbolts on doors inside offices or warehouses; these will resist picking by lockpickers while still allowing employees access through their cards at any time day or night without having any keys handy themselves! It ensures that nobody can just walk into your workplace without permission (or force).
  • Fix broken door handles so nobody sneaks around behind closed doors anymore either—and if someone does manage somehow then there’ll be no way left open without being noticed first by someone else nearby! This will keep everyone safe from harm.”

Locked out of Office or Business? Give us a call!

If you are locked out of your business or office, don’t panic. Call us at 702-xxx-xxxx and we will be there in no time to help you. Our expert locksmiths can provide a wide range of services including lock repair, replacement and more.

In case you need to get into your office or business, call us right away so that we can attend to the problem as soon as possible.

To prepare for a lock change: Bring with you all the keys that belong to the locks being changed such as house keys, car keys and any other related keys that may be applicable in this case.

Master Key System Installation Services

A master key system is a type of security device that allows you to control access to your property by allowing only certain people to enter. There are many benefits to having a master key system, including:

  • It can be used for both residential and commercial properties. If you need access for employees or family members, we can install the proper equipment so that you can control who has permission at any time.
  • It’s easy to use. With our trained professionals on hand, all you have to do is call us up when you want someone added or removed from the list and we’ll take care of everything else! You’re left with peace of mind knowing that no one has unauthorized access inside your home or business while still being able to let loved ones come around whenever they please (as long as it’s safe).

Panic Bar Installation Services

Panic bars are a common part of the architecture in many businesses. They’re typically located at the top of a door, and they provide an additional layer of protection against intruders when you need it most. If you’re interested in installing one at your business, we can help!

Panic Bars

Why Install Panic Bars?

Panic bars are often installed to protect employees and customers during an emergency situation. When there’s an intruder or other threat nearby, panic bar doors may be opened by pressing down on a bar that sticks out from the door frame. This lets people quickly escape without having to fumble with keys or passcodes. Panic bar doors are also great for adding extra security measures along with existing locks as well as providing easy access for staff members who need emergency exits when something goes wrong inside the building. How Do Panic Bar Doors Work?

Panic Bar Door Installation Guide

Locksmith Store Las Vegas

YH Lock & Security

YH Lock & Security is a full-service locksmith company located in Las Vegas, NV. We specialize in automotive, residential and commercial locksmith services. Our team of trained technicians are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist you with any lockout situation that may arise. Our services include lock picking, code changes and rekeying as well as access control systems such as card readers or keypads and CCTV camera installation or repair. We can also help you maintain your fire alarm systems by checking smoke detectors as well as replacing batteries on carbon monoxide detectors when needed!


In this article, we’ve looked at some of the key points to consider when you are looking for a locksmith in Las Vegas. If you need any help with finding the right locksmith or if you want to learn more about what they can do for you, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would be happy to answer any questions that you might have!


Lockout Las Vegas

Amazing Article About Lockout Las Vegas

Lockout Las Vegas – When faced with any kind of lockout situation, you won’t have much time to spend searching for a locksmith. Knowing what to look for in the locksmith you choose is key. You want a locksmith that’s not only reliable but one that can be trusted. There are several things you need to identify in a potential locksmith when you are looking for someone to handle a lockout Las Vegas. Here are some of the most important things to identify when hiring one.

Hiring a Company To Handle A Lockout Las Vegas:

  1. Urgency

The number one thing you’re likely going to want to prioritize when you are trying to find the right locksmith to hire is whether or not they offer emergency service. Anyone that is dealing with a lockout wants to get their problem handled quickly. You want someone who is going to handle the issue with urgency. You want a locksmith that values your time. Not all locksmiths will offer emergency lockout services. You want one that not only advertises emergency service and around-the-clock support but also one that delivers on it.

  1. Mobile Service

You want a locksmith that can get you the help you need wherever you need it. When you hire a locksmith that offers mobile service, you can get the assistance you need wherever you are in the Las Vegas area. A company like YH Lock & Security will send out technicians to your door no matter the scenario.

  1. Competitive Rates

You always want to get the best price for whatever service you are paying for. This can be difficult to do when you are in an emergency. After all, a company is more likely to try to overcharge you when they have that kind of leverage on you. That’s why it’s essential to ensure you are choosing a locksmith that offers free quotes. A locksmith that is willing to deliver you a free quote is one that you can count on to deliver you at a competitive price. You should know what you should expect to pay for the service you are getting. That way, you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to pay for it.

  1. Capable Technicians

You want to ensure you are hiring a locksmith company that employs highly capable and experienced technicians. After all, you want to get the lockout issue resolved quickly and properly. You will get that if you hire a company that properly trained its employees. That’s what you will get when you choose a company like YH Locksmith. You are getting a company that has a lot of years in the industry. You are also getting a company that has the training practices in place to ensure every locksmith on staff is well prepared for any situation. You will be hiring a company that has technicians capable of offering lock repair, lock installation, key duplication, and more. It doesn’t matter what additional services you need for your lockout Las Vegas, they’ve got you covered.

  1. Excellent Reputation

When hiring someone to handle a lockout for your home or property, you’re going to want to ensure you trust them. It’s important to identify someone that you can trust. After all, it’s your property that you have to worry about. That’s why you want to do your due diligence to try to find a locksmith that has a stellar reputation. You want someone that has a good reputation across the board. That is something you don’t have to worry about when you hire YH Locks & Security LLC. They’ve got a stellar reputation throughout the Las Vegas region. They have fixed over 1,000 locks. Thus, you can rest easy knowing you are hiring a trusted company in the community.

By using the criteria above, you can identify the right locksmith to hire. You want someone that values your time and a company that is going to handle your problem quickly and professionally. That’s exactly what you can get when you hire a trusted and experienced company like YH Lock & Security Las Vegas. They have experienced technicians on staff to ensure your lockout gets dealt with expeditiously. You can call them or request a free quote online.

Lockout Las Vegas
Lockout Las Vegas

Locked Out from My Car

What Should I Do If I Am Locked Out From My Car?

There is no denying that it can be slightly frustrating and scary to be locked out of your car in an area that you are unfamiliar with. While we would like to believe that everyone has the best of intentions and will jump to your aid, we all know to well that is not the case. There are many people who prey on the weak and those in potentially dangerous situations. Many people wonder “what should I do if I am locked out from my car in an unknown area”. Sadly, this is a situation that happens on a regular basis and many people have found themselves in dangerous situations. We do not want to startle or frighten you, but the better educated you are in an emergency situation, the better you are going to do.

While being locked out of a car may not be the worst emergency situation it can heighten quickly depending upon events and locations surrounding you. There is nothing quite and startling as being locked out of the safety of your car in a dark area that you are unfamiliar with. This can be on the side of a dark country road or an alley in the biggest city. Regardless of where you are, you simply want to get back into your car as quickly as possible and we understand that.

With that being said, one of the first things you will want to when you are locked out from my car is ensure that you call for an emergency locksmith as soon as possible. However, once again you will need to be aware of your surroundings and ensure that it is safe to make a call. In this type of situation, you are really not going to have the opportunity to read reviews and do price comparisons. It is best to simply go with the first result that you find at the top of Google and hope that they are the best and they price fairly. Once you have made that initial call, we can move onto creating a safer environment for yourself and any others who may be with you.

If you locked the keys in an area that is not well-lit, it is essential to move out of that area. Many people will typically find themselves locked out of their car in a parking garage, parking lot, or even a side street. If the area is not well-lit, this is a potentially hazardous situation and you want to remove yourself from it as quickly as possible. The best solution is to gather your surroundings and walk in the direction of a well-lit area. You may even want to Google your location to see what is directly around you. While these may seem like extreme measures, anything can happen in unfamiliar dark settings.

While your first instinct may be to stay by your car, even in a well-lit area, it is best to move away. You want to surround yourself with other people. Try to find a restaurant, convenience store, or even a bar that you will be able to sit at until your locksmith is able to contact you or arrive on the scene. There is always going to be safety in numbers and you want to surround yourself with people, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area.

While your safety is always going to be paramount in the grand scheme of things, you will want to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Vehicles can be stripped of completely stolen quicker than you could ever imagine, especially in areas that are high in crime. While you do not want to stay with your car to protect it, you still want to try and keep an eye on it. With this in mind, it is best to seek some form of safety in an indoor area in which you will be able to keep a close eye on your vehicle. However, if there are no open buildings around in which you can watch the vehicle, you will simply need to step away and hope for the best.

When you are locked out from my car, the most essential thing to do is keep safe. That is the key takeaway from this article. A car can always be replaced. However, it is not worth putting your life in jeopardy while trying to get back into the car.

Locked Out from My Car
Locked Out from My Car

Car Locksmith

Amazing Article About A Car Locksmith

A car locksmith is someone you call on when you find yourself dealing with lock troubles. Because you’re likely to be dealing with car lockout issues at an inconvenient time, you will want to have a locksmith you trust on speed dial. Here are some of the tips for choosing the right car locksmith to handle your issues.

Choosing The Right Car Locksmith:

  1. Free Quote

Firstly, you want to find a locksmith that is willing and able to provide you with a free quote. Getting a free quote is a must when you are trying to find the right locksmith. Anyone that provides a free quote is one that you can count on to offer you a competitive price. Some locksmiths that don’t provide a quote will try to pull a fast one on you because of your unfortunate situation. When you choose someone willing to offer a free quote, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they are giving you a competitive price that you can shop around with if needed.

  1. 24/7 Support

One of the key things you need to identify in a locksmith when you are dealing with car lockout problems has to be 24/7 support. You want to find a locksmith that advertises 24/7 support because it can mean the difference between having to wait hours and hours and having your problem situated quickly. If a locksmith doesn’t offer 24/7 support, you will have to wait until they open for business. However, if they do offer it, you can call on them whenever needed. Because you are dealing with a car lockout issue, that’s likely not going to be at a convenient time. No one wants to deal with car lockout trouble. Whether it’s bright and early stopping you from going to work or in the middle of the night, you want it handled quickly and professionally. That’s exactly what you get when you hire someone that advertises 24/7 emergency lockout services.

  1. Specialty Service

You need to be certain the locksmith you call on offers car locksmith services. Not every locksmith offers these services. Finding the one that offers it will guarantee that you not only get your problem handled by a professional but that it gets done without damaging your vehicle. A locksmith that is experienced and that advertises car lockout services will have all of the equipment and knowledge needed to get your problem resolved efficiently.

  1. Experience

Another major factor that has to be considered when you are attempting to identify the right locksmith would be their level of experience. You want someone that has a lot of experience in the industry. By choosing a locksmith with more experience, you can increase your chances of getting your problem resolved professionally. This is why experience is so important when choosing a locksmith. There are so many different types of locks and problems you could be dealing with. Having someone that has been solving problems for years can put you in the best position to get the service you’re looking for. Hire a locksmith like YH Lock and Security LLC and you will have peace of mind that you have a locksmith with 8 years of experience working for you.

  1. Good Reputation

You also want to find a locksmith that has a stellar reputation within the marketplace. Finding someone with a good reputation is essential. You want a locksmith that isn’t going to leave you hanging. If you check their reviews, it should give you the confidence you need to hire them. The chances of you having a poor experience when you hire a reputable locksmith with positive reviews are diminished. That’s why you can trust a locksmith like YH Lock and Security because they have a stellar reputation you can count on.

As you can see, there are so many different things to consider when choosing the right locksmith. While there are a lot of locksmiths to choose from in Las Vegas, you want to find the one that is most likely to offer you exceptional service. That’s what you get when you hire a professional locksmith with a lot of experience like YH Lock & Security. They have professionals on staff to help you no matter what time of the day or night you need them. You can call them at (702)-840-1465.

Car Locksmith
Car Locksmith

Office Lockout

Fast Response Office Lockout Services

Office Lockout – Locked out of your business? Don’t fret! YH Lock & Security has got you covered with prompt office lock-out services. Call Us Now at (702) 840-1465.

Undoubtedly, business lockouts mean a potential loss of money and productivity. As a result, every corporate security budget should account for the cost of repairing locks and replacing keys in the event of a business lockout. Let’s look at office lockout and what it entails:

Types of Office/Corporate Lockouts

  1. Misplaced Key

It’s the most common type of business lockout. Depending on where and how you lost the key, you may manage to retrieve it by retracing your steps. But let’s face it, most times, it’s hard to recover lost keys. However, the solution to lost keys is easy; all you need is to have the lock opened by a qualified locksmith or use a spare since the lock is in good working order.

  1. Broken Key

You may not have misplaced your keys, but still, find yourself in an unfortunate situation when a key breaks inside the lock. In this case, you’d have to contact a fast response locksmith to remove the broken key from the lock. If you try to use your broken key in the lock, you risk being locked out of your office for a longer period. Although repairing a broken key is unlikely to be the best option for reentry, a locksmith can duplicate a broken key.

  1. Broken Lock

You can still have your key in perfect shape yet be locked out of your office. In such a situation, you could be dealing with a completely damaged lock or a less serious issue like a blocked door latch. We could temporarily fix your stuck door latch or address any other issues to avoid recurrent problems in days to come.

Getting Out of an Office or Business Lockout

When you’re locked out of your office, it’s easy to panic. However, your perceived business lockdown may not be as terrible as you think. If your lock isn’t working, you might still manage to get access and complete your schedule on time through either of these solutions:

• Alternate Ingress

Look for additional possibilities instead of focusing on the door that acts as your principal route of access. An office lockout can be addressed by simply walking over to a neighboring unit and using the shared entrance, or by taking advantage of a security weakness in your building.

• Check for Spares From Colleagues

If there are other employees in the building, call their attention to the situation and inform them that you are locked out of your office. You may, however, be the only person on the premises, in which case you will need to contact another employee with a key.

• Check With Management

If you’re locked out of your office, you might be able to get in touch with a building manager who has a spare key.

• Commercial Locksmith

And if none of them works, contact your commercial locksmith for prompt services. No matter the kind of high-security lock you’re using in your business, commercial locksmiths are specialized experts, Furthermore, they can also assist you with any additional services you require in connection with the company lockout.

Office Lockout Services: YH Lock & Security LLC

It can be quite aggravating to be unable to access your business premises due to a lockout. Don’t hesitate to call our country-wide locksmith’s pros team. We offer the following professional office lockout services to help you reclaim your workspace as fast and efficiently as possible:

• 24/7 Office lockout
• Broken key removal
• Picking locks after misplacing keys
• High-tech lockout services
• Commercial mailbox lockouts
• Damaged lock repair and replacement
• Key duplication and replacement

If your office key becomes stuck within the lock, you misplace your office key, or your lock refuses to turn when you insert your key, you should contact our skilled office locksmith professionals immediately. In some situations, a locksmith is your best bet, say if you’re locked out of your office because of a broken lock.

Within half an hour of your contact, one of our lockout professionals will arrive at your company site to assist you with your specific lockout issue. Fix your lockout at any time of day or night with our reliable, affordable, and efficient 24-hour locksmith services. Let us save your business from avoidable losses!

Office Lockout
Office Lockout

Residential Locksmith

When To Call For A Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith – It is perfectly fine to say that it is a truly exasperating situation when you’re locked out from your home, business, or car. In many answers you are simply preoccupied with another situation to notice that you left your keys inside. Now you have yourself in an emergency situation and you have to find a solution as fast as possible.

Thankfully, there is reliable help just a phone call away. An emergency locksmith service has the ability to help you out in these types of unexpected emergency situations. Professional locksmiths are more than familiar with the various challenges associated with numerous locks and doors, which gives them an edge on you trying to fish out keys with a wire hanger. Additionally, if the locksmith offers emergency mobile locksmith services, they can typically be contacted 24/7.

Let’s take a look at a few scenarios in which a emergency locksmith could be beneficial. If you own a home, business, or car, you will want to continue reading.

Home Lockout

While this seems to be an impossible situation, it happens quite often. We actually have a rather amusing story from a client that had happened recently. Our friend’s mother was tending to her prized rose bushes in the garden, and when she went to go inside, she had found herself locked out of the house. After spending some time in the garden, she found the evening hours approaching and was lucky that her neighbor spotted her and helped her out of the backyard.

It is quite easy to get locked out of a house, either through a series of distractions or just absent-mindedness. However, there is no reason that you must wait hours for help to arrive to regain entry into your home. This is far too stressful and can be dangerous as well. A residential locksmith has the ability to arrive at your home shortly after being contacted and give you access to your home.

Business Lockouts

There is no question that life at your business can be more stressful than you can typically endure. With that in mind, it is easy to understand why so many people get locked out of their offices and businesses. The fact is that retail lockouts happen much more than you would expect. Perhaps your team has spent the night unloading a new shipment. Everyone is tired by the morning hours and the keys are left on the office at lockup. Regardless of how it happens or who did it, it is essential to call upon a commercial locksmith company. These technicians have a great deal of experience in these types of lookouts and have the ability to regain access to the business without causing any damage to the door. They will have you back in the business and ready for opening in no time at all.

Vehicle Lockouts

Imagine taking your daily run to the grocery store only to end up locked out of your vehicle. We have all had that moment where we have searched feverishly for our keys only to end up seeing them in the ignition. If you should find yourself in this situation, just stay calm and take out your phone. It is possible to call an automotive locksmith to help resolve your situation in a timely manner. These types of residential locksmiths have services available 24/7 and can arrive at your location within minutes. This is especially important if you have happened to get locked out of your car in a dangerous area and it is getting dark. If this is the case, ensure your safety first and find shelter and call from there.

Car Key Issues

In addition to the typical car lockout scenario, it is possible to end up with some type of issue in regards to your car keys. They key may end up stick in the ignition and it is impossible for it to disengage. Or, you may end up breaking the key accidentally while it is switched on. Of course, there is always the case of simply losing the key and needing a new one as soon as possible. If you should happen to find yourself in one of these situations, it is best to seek out help from a professional locksmith. They have the proper keys and tools to help remove the key in a safe and efficient manner without the possibility of further damage to the car. Professional locksmiths have the tools available to reprogram transponder keys and fobs, rekeying, as well as key extraction. A residential locksmith is going to be able to get the job done quickly.

Regardless of the situation you might find yourself in, you want to have a trusted and respected locksmith available near you. Your professional locksmith is going to offer you high quality service allowing you never to worry about a potential emergency again. Always remember that a professional locksmith is only a phone call away and has the ability to arrive on the scene in a matter of minutes depending upon the situation and their availability.

Residential Locksmith Call Us Now: (702) 840-1465

Residential Locksmith
Residential Locksmith